Bongs have been around for a long, long time. However the popular designs change every year. This year, one of the hottest designs in 2019 is inspired from the Rick & Morty cartoon series.

Glow In The Dark Bongs

  • Stay lit in the dark
  • Hand Made
  • 12.5″ Tall
  • Durable Glass Build

Glowing skulls with a monster facing them brings our imagination to think this is a monster who Morty should be weary of. This is one of 5  bongs in the collection we’ve found. Can you name all the characters on this glass piece?

Rick Bong

Here you can see the bong in the day time, and if you were to turn off all the lights, you could see ‘Simulator’ and the painting of Rick glowing in the dark. The artists get one chance to make these right, can you imagine how difficult this would be to get it right?

  • Enlarged Rick
  • Simulator
  • Green Glow In The Dark
  • 12.5″ Tall
  • Lightning Bolts

Come back to see where the other three Rick & Morty bongs are located!