So you’ve probably seen all sorts of hand grinders in your life. Some of them have four chambers and a kief catcher, and some of them have three chambers with no way to catch the kief.

And there hasn’t been many new outstanding developments since people have figured out that if they place really sharp teeth together in a certain fashion, then it grinds up cannabis with ease. There is one invention though, which really has stuck out of the “norm” like a sore thumb.

Featuring the Otto Grinder


This grinder is a world favorite, and has fascinated stoners from all walks of life. There isn’t one invention we’ve ever seen that both grinds cannabis and loads the joint automatically. Not only can it fill the joint, it also knows when to stop filling the joint. This is what we call “too much time in the 21st century.”

Now, this simple joint roller and grinder retails for approximately $128.99, however we have found the greatest coupon available for this masterpiece. So feel free to shop around, however you’ll most likely be coming back to use this coupon, and yes it works!

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