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If you ever had a joint in your life and enjoyed it like crazy, it is because of the female species of the cannabis plant that you were able to enjoy so much. They are the only parts of the cannabis plant that is able to produce the flowers with cannabinoid content in them which is something that everyone is looking for. Most of the North American cannabis farmers prefer the feminized seeds, these are the ones that have female genetics and can produce only the female plants. Kannabia has applied various modern technologies of seed feminization to make sure that there is a 100% success rate of female genetics in the seeds.

Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants

Traditional breeding techniques have equal chances of producing male or female cannabis seeds. They are known as regular seeds and occur by splitting between the two sexes. So, an average cultivator will have only 50% chance of getting a female plant from the seeds they have sowed. This is a male cannabis plant.   That is why the traditional technique is not very effective, it is almost like running a bakery but having to throw every second loaf of bread away. These average growers have to adjust to the fact that 50% of the plants will be males. Those who are growing the plant to get the female flowers will not find such growth to be efficient and also the male plants can tend to spoil the growth too. The traditional solution to this has been that cultivators have planted twice the seeds they used to in the hope that half of them will turn out to be useless but the other half will have female flowers in them. But even if the harvest is huge, there is twice the cost involved to get half the desired seeds.

Why Grow From Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

There are many reasons why cultivators have started to plant only feminized seeds in their garden. They don’t have to guess the amount of feminized seeds they will get by planting regular seeds and that saves a lot of time and space. This process is efficient for hobby growers and for patients requiring cannabis plant for medical purposes. The cannabis regulations have restricted the plant count and that is why most growers are cultivating small crops to make the most out of what they have. It is not that male plants take a lot of space in the garden. They have the potential to sap resources and time from the growers. But when both the male and female seeds are present, the grower will have to cultivate them until the sexes are distinguished. Although the growers might get a hint of what the sex will be before the flowering starts, it is difficult to understand the sex till the seeds pass the vegetative stage. The change starts to take place during the photoperiod when the plant gets at least 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This change often takes place naturally in the garden but if they are in a controlled environment, you will have to keep an eye on the seeds and the timer as they grow. One the plants start to grow, growers will have to check the sex of the plants because the males have to be removed before the females can pollinate. When there is a 50% chance of the growth of female plants, growers can remove the males and male space for feminized seeds that they can get from renowned suppliers like Kannabia. These seeds are specially treated to increase the growth of the female plants.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

The use of silver thiosulphate solution can ensure that that the cannabis seeds will turn out to be females. There are other reliable techniques too that can produce feminized seeds. One of the tried and tested methods is by stressing a healthy female plant by not providing the required light during flowering. Although this is a popular method, it is better to spray the female plants with silver thiosulphate solution or colloidal silver solution. This method does not twist the genetic modification of the plant but rather controls the sex to a great extent. Both the solutions mentioned above are mixtures of fine silver particles and water that work almost in the same way. The flowering is controlled by the silver solution that produces ethylene. This helps to produce a female plant with male flowers in the pollen sacs. There is a guarantee of female genetics to carry on because the male flower will only have female genetics. So, when these flowers pollinate, they produce only female seeds instead of males. It has been observed that the silver thiosulphate solution has a near 100% success rate to produce feminized plants and that is why the Kannabia breeders prefer this method more than the others to maintain the stability of the feminized seeds.

Feminized Varieties to Try in Your Garden

There are numerous states and provinces in Canada and the United States where it is legal to grow cannabis in your home. It will be best if growers start by using the feminized seeds from Kannabia in their garden to increase the productivity. According to the growers at Canada’s BlueSky Organics, Kannabia has helped them to find the best feminized Russian Doll seeds while they were searching for new genetics. They say that all the seeds germinated properly and the plants now have a hardy trunk that is a sign of huge buds to come.