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Benefits of having high CBD strains.

Using the most superior genetic strain of hemp with the aim to produce the largest amount of cannabidiol as possible is the goal of virtually every farming company who has entered into the CBD niche. Having only high CBD content is not enough however, because if the strain is above the .03% THC threshold then your entire crop is at risk of being seized and burned by the governing authorities.

The stakes are very high, and the allowed margin of error is virtually non-existant. Either you have the correct strains to avoid a burned crop, or you have the capability to produce high CBD yielding crop which will help supply the globe with this much needed cannabinoid.

High CBD Low THC Strains

¬†Obtaining the correct genetic to start a CBD generating cash cow is rare, because companies often keep their genetics to themselves. Be prepared to pay a premium price from a genetic laboratory in order to obtain the right strain. Most online stores aren’t equipped with the correct genetics to produce a CBD farm, and people often go to speciality companies.

High THC High CBD Strains

Great for dispensaries, and for people who want to balance out the strong effects of THC. Unlike popular belief, its the cannabidiol inside of the strain which is the primary pain relieving ingredient, not THC.

Cloning the Plants

Commercial industrial hemp farmers with large scale farming operations have recently began switching from seeds, to genetic clones of their most prized genetic to avoid variations in the cannabinoid and terene content of the plant. In fact, this company spent $10,000,000 to develop this technology further which may help you determine if this route is worth taking in your farming business.